My Mother Always Said I’d Either Be A Good Lawyer Or Need One

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I am new at a customer service job and I am assigned to the reception that deals with walk-in clients. I am sitting next to a senior and the entire day it’s pretty calm. The senior decides to take a little toilet break, and while she is gone, a customer enters the building. 

Lady: “I was told to give this to you.”

Me: *Looking at documents* “All right, and what is your question?”

Lady: “I need to change the bank number! My mother passed away and I am the heir. I need to change this bank number!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, I am new, but my coworker should be back any minute now. She can help you with this. “

Lady: *sighs* “I am a lawyer. I don’t have time for this. I know the law and this needs to be changed!”

Me: “I understand, but I don’t have experience with this type of case. Please— Ah, there she is. [Coworker], could you please help this lady while I watch?”

The lady explains, almost huffing and puffing, that [Other Coworker] told her she needed to bring this form. 

Coworker: “I see. My condolences for your mother. Do you have a death certificate?”

Lady: *Huffs* “[Other Coworker] told me I didn’t need that! It’s always something with you people! Nothing but trouble! I only needed this and I’m so done with it!”

Coworker: “All right, then let me double-check with the department that needs to deal with this.”

Lady: “I just needed this form!”

Coworker: “Yes, I understand, but I’d rather check now, just to be sure. I don’t want to mess up things even more for you.”

My coworker calls the department and keeps on smiling, despite the sighing and huffing lady. During the call, the lady thrusts all her forms into my coworker’s face, which she calmly accepts and puts down next to her. She makes no effort to rush. 

Coworker: “All right, I got permission to change things without a death certificate because of the low amount. Let me copy all the data for you.”

My coworker calmly puts the data in the system. The lady huffs, but despite the lady’s pointing, flashing forms, and yapping, my coworker checks things… again and again. Three times in total. While my coworker summarizes everything, the lady snatches everything from my coworker’s desk. 

Lady: “I need your name.”

Coworker: “My name is [Coworker], and I am the only one with that name.”

Lady: “Oh, so you guys only do first names, eh?”

Coworker: “People always misspell my last name, but like said, I am the only one with my name. Can’t miss!”

Lady: “Spell it.”

Coworker: “You mean you want my last name, even though I told you I am the only one with [Coworker]? All right.”

And she spells her name out very slowly.

Lady: “All right, I’m done with this. When should I expect the money?”

Coworker: “In two weeks.”

Lady: “Oh, so if I don’t have it next week, I’ll come back.”

Coworker: “You are most welcome to return, but it should be in two weeks.”

Lady: “Ugh, you people… Goodbye!”

And she finally leaves.

Me: “How the heck did you keep on having that smile?!”

Coworker: “Because it annoyed her.”

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