My Mom Is Not Always Right

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(I live with another girl in an apartment complex owned by our university. On the evening of Good Friday, I come in from classes to find that our toilet has backed up. There’s a good amount of icky water and it’s seeping into the carpeted next room, but it isn’t a serious flood. My roommate works in the campus security office, so she can contact the maintenance supervisor directly rather than using the online ticketing system. She contacts them. The supervisor calls me back and says that all personnel have already left campus for Easter weekend, but they will take care of it first thing Monday morning. He apologizes for not being able to get to it sooner. I assure him that Monday is fine. I decide to drive to my parents’ house for the weekend, which I typically don’t do, for various reasons. I go straight to class Monday morning and don’t get back to the apartment until the evening. I find the toilet fixed and the carpet cleaned, and I think that’s the end of it… until Tuesday, when my mom calls, and this conversation ensues:)

Mom: “Did they finally get your carpet cleaned?”

Me: “Yeah, it’s all taken care of.”

Mom: “Good. I called the janitor first thing Monday morning and chewed his a** out for not getting this taken care of immediately Friday night, like he should have!”

Me: “You did what?!

Mom: “Yeah. I knew if I called and yelled at them, they’d get off their a**es and get it fixed right away next time.”

(My mom is the type of person they write phone-support horror stories about on Not Always Right, so I knew that some poor janitor had been screamed at and cussed out for a problem they were already working to fix. I yelled at my mom for interfering, and then wrote an email to the maintenance supervisor apologizing for my mom’s rudeness and thanking them for taking care of the problem so quickly. Thankfully, he was able to pass my email on to the poor janitor who’d cleaned our carpet after my mom screamed at him!)

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