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My Maturity In Shreds

| Learning | September 25, 2014

(It’s a slow day since we’re near the end of the semester and have a shortened day due to snow. My chemistry class is stuck doing busywork. About halfway through the period, another chemistry teacher pops in, grinning like a madman.)

Chemistry Teacher: “Hey, [Our Teacher]! Come here!”

(He pops back out as quickly as he arrived, and we wonder what’s up. Our teacher tells us to keep working and leaves, coming back a few minutes later.)

Us: “Well?”

Our Teacher: “You know how paper shredders have that clear part at the bottom for the scraps?”

Us: “Sure…”

Our Teacher: “Mr. [Chemistry Teacher] and Mr. [Anatomy Teacher] just spent their lunch break feeding the one in my office colored construction paper, and made a rainbow.”

(As if on cue, the two other teachers’ cackling echoes down the hall…)

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