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“My Little Pony” Has Some Explaining To Do

, , , , , | Right | November 6, 2020

I work at a kid-oriented barn and petting zoo that offers pony rides.

I am leading a pony named Peaches. Peaches is palomino, which is yellow. I bring Peaches to the lineup of kids waiting for a ride and help the kid riding her down.

The next girl comes up. She doesn’t seem at all frightened of Peaches. Her father lifts her onto the saddle. When they are ready, I begin to lead them around the small fenced-in circle we have set up. Her dad is following beside us to make sure the girl doesn’t fall.

I take about five steps and everything is fine… until this girl starts SCREAMING bloody murder. Peaches is a skittish pony, so I immediately grab her halter and have the dad take the girl before anyone gets hurt.

Dad is holding the girl and she is crying. I think perhaps she got stung by a hornet or pinched by the saddle.

Dad: “What went wrong?”

The little girl looks at him, then me, and then Peaches, and she says, with a completely straight face:

Little Girl: “I won’t ride it! Ponies are supposed to be pink!

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