My Little Pokémon

| Friendly | February 3, 2015

(My nephew, following his sisters, is a huge My Little Pony fan, which no one in the family really minds. I myself have watched the show and deemed nothing really wrong with it. I’m out babysitting him while his sisters are at gymnastics practice and we go in a comic shop. He grabs a figure for Pinkie Pie, his favorite pony, and asks me to buy it. He takes it to the counter, but before we can put it up, the figure it is snatched out of his hands by the woman next to us.)

Me: “Hey! What the heck are you doing?”

Lady: “How dare you encourage this little boy?! Buying him girl stuff!”

Me: “Lady, I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware that you were the one who gave birth to him. Oh wait, you weren’t. So, tell me what business of yours it is, again?”

Lady: “It’s my business when I see some tramp trying to turn her son into a d*** [homophobic slur]! Giving him this stupid girl toy! You should be arrested for child abuse!”

Me: “Okay, one, he’s my nephew; two, it’s none of your business; and three, you’re an idiot. If you’re so high and mighty, what the h*** are YOU buying in here!?” *I snatch the figure back*

Lady: “I’m buying a Pokémon game for my daughter. What business is it of yours?

(By this point, the cashier seems to have had enough and leans over the counter.)

Cashier: “So, let me get this straight, lady. You disapprove of boys playing with things predominantly aimed at little girls, but you’ve got no problem with girls playing with things predominantly aimed at little boys?”

Lady: “What? That’s got nothing to do with it!”

Cashier: “Sure it does. My Little Pony: spunky little horse goes into the world, makes friends with cutesy creatures, and learns lessons. Pokémon: spunky little kid goes into the world, makes friends with cutesy creatures, and learns lessons. They’re practically the same thing, lady.”


(My nephew has come back over by this point and her screaming has scared him, making him cry. The lady whirls toward the door and slams him over in the process, storming out with a huff. I pick up my sobbing nephew. He’s not really hurt, but he’s pretty shaken.)

Cashier: “Hey, little guy, wanna know a secret?”

Nephew: *sniffling* “What?”

Cashier: “I think Pinkie Pie is the best.”

Nephew: *eyes light up though he’s still sniffling* “Pinkie Pie’s funny…

(We stayed a little while chatting about My Little Pony. The store had a viewing section in the corner and the cashier put on a DVD of MLP episodes for my nephew to watch, during which the cashier and I discussed how absurd the hatred is for the show and how funny pony-phobes can get when it’s brought up. Before we left, he slipped the Pinkie Pie figure into the plastic bag with my stuff and winked at us. Best. Cashier. Ever.)

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