My Knights In Shining Armor

| Friendly | July 29, 2014

(I attend an anime convention in a city that I’m not familiar with. Towards the end of the evening I run out to grab a sandwich. It is dark at this point, and it isn’t until I am halfway to the sandwich shop that I realize how long of a walk it is and how many creepy, possibly coked-out people are just lurking in the corners to whistle at me, and I think one was following me for a bit. On my way out of the sandwich shop I see two large, imposing men cosplaying in full armor with giant foam weapons. I run after them and stop them.)

Me: “Hey, are you two going back to the convention center?”

Guy #1: “Yeah, why?”

Me: “I want to walk with you, please. I don’t want to end up running into some complete weirdo!”

(Both guys look each other up and down for a minute, and back at me.)

Guy #2: “If you think we’re not complete weirdos I can’t imagine who you’ve been running into all night!”

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