My Knight In Shining Llama

| Romantic | October 19, 2012

(A few friends, including a girl I like, and I are watching ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’. We have just got to the part where the Emperor has been turned into a llama by the evil witch.)

Girl I like: “Oh he looks so cute! I wish llama’s were real animals.”

(There is an extended moment of silence.)

Friend: “What?”

Girl I like: “I’m just saying, llamas look so cute. I wish they were real animals so I could see one.”

Friend: “Oh, my God. You’re being serious, aren’t you?”

(At this point, all my friends laugh and start teasing her about not knowing that llama’s are real animals. She starts to get upset by the taunting.)

Me: “Hey, shut up guys!” *I start singling out particular friends* “I know for sure that you thought that ‘dinero’ was the name of Spanish money. And I know that you thought that ‘dolphin friendly tuna’ meant that they put the dolphins to sleep before turning them into tuna. So as far as I can see you’re all idiots.”

(Everyone shut up at this point and finished the movie. The girl thanked me afterwards and we started dating soon after. On one of our earliest dates, I took her to a petting farm where they had – yes – llamas! She still thinks they are cute.)

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