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My Knight In Duffel Armor

| Romantic | April 26, 2017

(I have just finished work, and am waiting at a bus stop, near the restaurant where I work, to go home. It’s about 11 pm, so it’s dark and there are about few drunk people about, being a Friday night in the city. I’ve hardly ever felt scared waiting at night for a bus or going home at night. I usually have headphones on, or am reading a book to discourage unwanted attention. This night, I see a drunk, high, or possibly both, scruffy, unkempt-looking man shuffle over to me. Even though I’m tired and don’t want to use my limited energy being nice, I take my headphones off when he tries to get my attention. I am generally a cheerful, polite person, and try to be that way even when talking to rude people. I am about 22.)

Man: *speech slightly slurred* “Excuse me, miss?”

Me: *polite tone* “Yes?”

Man: *sways a little to the side* “Could… could you tell me when the next bus is?” *he is standing just underneath the electronic sign with the bus arrival times*

Me: *still polite, but wanting to go back to my music* “It should be another five minutes, but if you’re looking for a specific bus, the times are just up there” *points to the sign just above his head*

Man: *sways, not looking at the sign, keeps looking at me*

Me: *having moved to put my headphones back on, put them down again* “Is there something else?”

Man: *suddenly more aggressive and rude* “Why you gotta be such a hussy?”

Me: *blinks, surprised* “Excuse me?”

Man: “I was just asking a question. Why you gotta be such a b****?!”

Me: *having heard enough, not wanting to deal with him and starting to feel nervous* “I was NOT being rude, but YOU are. Go away, please.”

Man: *does not move away, continues speaking being progressively move aggressive*

(I start to get more and more nervous, but try to ignore him. As I think about going back to work to get help, another man waiting at the bus stop catches my eye. He’s about my age, fairly buff with a gym duffel bag over his shoulder. I get an idea. I stand and go over to him, while the drunk guy tries to follow.)

Me: *whispers quickly under my breath to new guy* “Pretend to be my boyfriend, please?”

New Guy: *glances behind me at the drunk guy, winks at me, then says loudly* “Hey, babe, how was work?” *places arm around my shoulder*

Me: *playing along* “Oh, you know, busy, but always fun!”

(The drunk guy glares, but upon seeing my ‘boyfriend’s’ cool stare, backs off. My new friend keeps his arm around my shoulder until the bus arrives and we get on together.)

Me: *relieved* “Thank you so much!”

New Guy: “No problem! I was just about to come over and say something.”

Me: *laughs* “I appreciate it. I hope you didn’t need to get on a different bus.”

New Guy: *grip* “Nope! But about the boyfriend thing… Do you think we could get coffee sometime?”

Me: *surprised and flattered, but regretful* “Oh! That’s nice of you, but—”

New Guy: “…but you already have a boyfriend?”

Me: “Yeah…”

New Guy: *still pleasant* “No worries. So, do you go to [University]?”

(We spent the next 30 minutes talking about our classes and majors until my stop. If I hadn’t already been with someone, he would have totally got my number. White Knight routines still appeal to quite a few ladies, including me!)

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