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My Kindness And The Rules Only Bend So Far

, , , | Right | CREDIT: FranciscoAcevido | December 15, 2021

A guest books a “non-refundable” room through a third party and then comes into the hotel a few minutes later. He doesn’t have a card to hold the $100 incidental deposit on, and we have no flexibility on that policy because of so many issues in the past. I explain this and tell him I’ll need a card.

Guest: “I just got a flat tire, and I left my card at the tire store. And now they’re closed!”

I start to feel bad for him.

Me: “While I can’t check you in, I can at least authorize a refund.”

I’m technically not supposed to, but he’s had a rough day and I want to be nice.

He starts swearing at me about what a stupid policy it is and he’s going to speak to a manager the first chance he gets. My sympathy begins to wane. He leaves.

He comes back an hour later with a card. As he’s putting the card into the machine, I notice that it’s a prepaid card. Here’s another issue; we don’t accept any card that doesn’t have the guest’s name on it. But I still have a little sympathy left, so I pretend I don’t notice, as long as the card authorizes. But in those five seconds of waiting for the card to authorize, he says:

Guest: “I buy and sell pieces of s*** like you every day.”

That’s a total cliche I never thought I’d hear in real life.

Guest: “You’re gonna be f****** fired. You’d better start looking for a new job.”

Me: “Can I see the card you just used?”

He shows me.

Me: “I’m sorry, but we can’t accept any card that doesn’t have your name on it. I won’t be able to check you in.”

He went ballistic and I had to call security to escort him off the property. The total cost to him was about $200 for the room and a forty-eight-hour $100 hold on his prepaid card since the authorization went through before I kicked him out.

After explaining the policy about needing a card to check him in, he could have said, “Dang, I’ll have to look somewhere else. It’s been a rough day, but I understand you have to follow your company’s policies.” Then, he could have called the third-party company, who would have called me, and I would have had enough sympathy in my heart to approve the refund. I’d feel bad about turning him away, but at least he could’ve taken that money somewhere else that could take a cash incidental deposit.

Maybe I’m petty, but maybe you shouldn’t be such an a**hole.

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