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My Hair, My Choice!

, , , | Working | October 22, 2020

I grew out my hair to mid-back length for my wedding, but since it’s so heavy and gets tangled, I’ve decided to get it cut. My husband joins me, since he needs a trim. I’m not able to see my usual stylist.

Stylist: “Are… Are you sure you want to cut it?”

Me: “Yes! It’s heavy, it gets tangled at the smallest breeze, and it’s just annoying!”

Stylist: “Is he okay with it?”

She points to my husband.

Me: “Oh, don’t worry. Samson won’t lose his strength if I cut my hair.”

Husband: *As he’s laughing* “Just as long as it’s not shorter than mine!”

He pointed to his nearly buzzed short hair. She was still hesitant to cut it and didn’t cut it short enough.