My Glowing Student

| Leeds, England, UK | Learning | May 8, 2015

(After finishing a milestone report for my PhD project, I visit my friend’s lab to help him with some electronics. We’re testing to see if any old equipment can be recycled.)

Friend: “Hey, [Researcher], do you know if we can use these wires to test a power pack?”

Researcher: “Oh, sure, they’re just spares. But make sure to wear gloves; they might have ethidium bromide on them.”

Me: “What’s ethidium bromide?”

Friend: “Oh, it’s great. It makes your DNA light up, then it kills you.”

Me: *pause* “Large gloves, please.”

Friend: “Awwww, are you sure you don’t want glowy DNA?”

Me: “Large gloves, pretty please.”

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