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My Father The Zero, Part 2

, , , , | Right | July 10, 2020

We’re the customers in this story. I’m about eight years old and though this happened frequently, this is the one that’ll always stick in my mind. My dad and I are going to a popular fast food place.

Dad: “Yes, I’ll have the Big Burger but I want nothing on it, none of that s*** you put inside it, no salad, no sauce just the burger.”

Server: “So you want just a burger in a bun?”

Dad: “Yes, is that not to difficult to understand?”

Some time goes by, we get our meals and go and find a seat.

Dad: “I’ve had enough, this is trash.. come on we’re taking this back, we’re not gonna have any of this from the likes of these people.”

Server: “Hello, sir, how can I help?”

Dad: “What the F*** do you call this?”

Server: “Is there a problem with the burger?”

Dad: “Yes, it tastes like absolute trash!! it tastes like a bit of meat in a bun, not at all how advertised.”

Server: “That’s unusual, do you have your receipt?”

Dad: “Here.”

He throws it on the counter.

Server: “I see, you asked for the burger with no sauce or salad or cheese or anything, just the burger in the bun?”

Dad: “Yes, is that not so hard? I bet you’re a Uni student, aren’t you?

Server: “Yes, actually.”

Dad: “Knew it; f***ing Uni dip-s***.”

Server: “Would you like me to remake it for you?”

Dad: “Naaaaaw.” *Stares point blank*

We get back to the table and my dad opens his burger up to check it, mines already stone cold.

Dad: “I’ve had enough, they’ve done it AGAIN, THIS IS NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR.

Server: “Yes, sir?”

My dad launches the burger across the counter slapping the server across the face.

Dad: “What is that… I very clearly told you no f****** salad and no f****** sauce. Manager, NOW!”

Manager: “Sir, what is the problem?”

Dad: “How hard is it to put two burgers in a bun and make it taste like advertised on the menu?”

Manager: “Without any sauce, salad or anything, just a burger in a bun?”

My dad turns to me.

Dad: “See, this is why you should stay in school, else you’ll end up like these people.”

The manager hands my dad a new burger.

Manager: “Sir, please try it here so we know it’s correct.”

Dad opens the burger to again find 2 burgers in a bun with no sauce or salad, he takes a bite.

Dad: “Perfect, got it right in the end, thank you!”

I decided to submit this story after seeing so many posts of bad customers with children and you hard workers thinking that those kids will grow up to also become bad customers; it isn’t true. I’ll never treat anyone like that, let alone people servicing me. I’m sorry he used to do that.

My Father The Zero