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My Father The Monster

| Related | May 22, 2014

(I check my phone and see that I missed a call from my dad. Since it’s unusual for him to call me, I call him back immediately to make sure everything is okay.)

Me: “You called?”




Me: *silence*


Me: “Is this why you called me?”

Dad:Godzilla! May 16th!”

Me: “You want me to go see Godzilla with you on May 16th?”

Dad: “No. You’re not my Sci-Fi child. [Older Brother] is!

Me: “I’ll still go with you if you want.”

Dad: “No. Godzilla!”

Me: “Why do you keep saying Godzilla?”

Dad: “I like to say Godzilla! Godzilla!”

Me: “Was there a reason that you called me?”

Dad: “To say ‘Godzilla!’ Bye now.” *hangs up*

Fiancé: “Was that your dad?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Fiancé: “What did he want?”

Me: “Apparently, nothing more than to just say Godzilla a lot.”

Fiancé: *skeptical* “Why did he really call?”

Me: “I swear to you, that’s apparently why he called. And to tell me about a movie that he doesn’t even want to see with me.”

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