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My Family And Other Zombies

| Related | May 9, 2017

(I have had a migraine at work. The manager has called my brother to come pick me up while I take my medication and sit in the staff room with a wet towel over my head. The tablets completely throw me out and whenever someone tries to talk to me I can only muster a grunt.)

Manager: “He’s just in here. He hasn’t moved much so I think he’s sleeping.”

Colleague: “No, he’s been moaning every now and again. I rinsed his towel for him.”

Brother: “Oh, that’s fine. Just typical. Come on then, Zombie-[My Name].” *lifting my towel* “See, he’s even drooling. He must be hungry. Let’s get you some brains!”

(He practically carries me out of the store, telling anyone who noticed that I was turning into a zombie. Sadly one family took it seriously and fled the store. I found it hilarious, but I was too drained — I couldn’t show it until after the migraine had passed, two days later.)

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