My Family And Other (Extinct) Animals

| Related | November 20, 2012

(I recently went to the zoo with my grade for biology. I’m telling my parents about it as they hadn’t been in about 6 years.)

Me: “And they had these dinosaurs all over the zoo!”

(I proceed to show my sister and parents the photo of one of them.)

Me: “They move as well!”

Mom: “Aren’t they supposed to?”

Me: “Sometimes, they just have figures, but these ones move.”

Mom: “But all animals move!”

Me: “Yes, but dinosaurs don’t because they’re dead.”

Mom: “They’re not alive?”

Me: “They died millions of years ago, before humans even existed.”

Mom: “No they didn’t. They’re animals!”

Me: “Yes they did. They are animals, but dead ones.”

Mom: “Well then, what’s the point of having them at the zoo?”

(I have to say, that is a fair point.)

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