My Family And Other Animals, Part 9

| Related | September 10, 2015

(My sister is in her room with the window to the backyard open. She comes into my room laughing hysterically.)

Sister: “[Neighbor’s Basset Hound] just heard a police car go by, and now he’s trying to sound like a siren!”

Me: “Really? What’s he sound like?”

Sister: “Rerreeeeeeeeeerrrrr.”

(We go to the window and listen to the dog howl, cracking up at his drawn out siren wail.)

Me: “Aw. He stopped.” *barks out the window*

Dog: *howls*

Sister: “Don’t bark at the neighbor’s dog.”

Me: “Why not? If they’re gonna leave him out to bark all night we can bark back.”

Dog: *barks repeatedly*

Me: *wolf howl*

Dog: *howls*

Sister: “Stop it. You’re worse than a coyote.”

Me: “I’m communing with nature!”


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