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My Family And Other Animals, Part 7

, , , , | Related | January 18, 2015

(My dad, my sister, and I are in the car driving home after they picked me up from work. Our mom works at a local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center, where they take in injured wildlife and nurse them back to health. There has been an injured coyote in our neighborhood that she has been trying to capture for the past few months. As we are driving on the street parallel to the street our house is on, the injured coyote runs across the street. We pull over and call our mom, who is still at work.)

Mom: “[Wildlife Center], this is [Mom]. How may I help you?”

Sister: *on speakerphone* “Hello, we were driving along and an injured coyote ran across the street in front of us.”

Mom: “Where are you located?”

Sister: “[Street next to ours].”

Mom: “What side of town is that on?”

Sister: “East.”

Mom: “Oh, I live over there. Was it a front leg injury?”

Sister: “Yes.”

(At this point, Dad and I are nearly dying trying to hold back our laughter. My sister is having trouble keeping a straight face as well.)

Mom: “Yeah, I’ve been trying to catch this one for a while. Is he moving?”

Sister: “Well, he ran across the street, but we haven’t seen him move from behind the car in this driveway here. ”

Mom: “Yeah, I live over on [Our Street] and he’s been sighted a couple of times but is always gone when we come and try to find him. I will see if I can drive by and see if I can see him.”

Sister: “Okay. Bye, Mom!”

Mom: “Wait… what?!”

(We then explained to her that it was us the whole time. Apparently, she was going to call us once she got off the phone to go and check it out!)

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