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My Family And Other Animals, Part 4

| Related | December 2, 2013

(My brother-in-law and I often communicate over text via animal noises. This tends to baffle the rest of the family, but they ignore it because otherwise we mock-fight. I’m talking to my sister over the phone, and can hear my brother-in-law in the background.)

Me: “Oh. Is [Brother-In-Law] home?”

Sister: “Yeah. He’s packing before he heads back out to the bush tomorrow.”

Me: “Can you tell him ‘quack’ for me?”

Sister: “…what?”

Me: “Just tell him ‘quack’ for me.”

Sister: “All right, then.” *to him* “[My Name] says ‘quack’.”

(My brother-in-law replies with a loud and surprisingly realistic ‘moo.’)

Sister: “He says—”

Me: *laughing* “Yeah, I heard him. Anyway—”

(We go back to chatting for a few minutes before my brother-in-law chimes in again with an even louder ‘moo.’)

Sister: “[Brother-in-law]! That is an outside noise!”


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