My Dinosaur Ate My Homework

| Learning | February 17, 2015

(My science teacher is a young, funny, adventurous, and artistically gifted person who also happens to be obsessed with dinosaurs. We have a typed lab due, and my friend accidentally staples a blank piece of paper onto her report before turning it in. She thinks nothing of it until she gets it back…)

Teacher: “Okay, class, here are the lab reports you turned in a couple weeks ago. Feel free to see me after class if you have something to say about your grade.”

Friend: “[My Name], look! A dinosaur!”

Me: “Err… what?”

(True to her word, on the blank piece of paper is a drawing of a triceratops, complete with a caption: “Ooh, a doodle page! Grrar. I eat your homework! :p”)

Friend: “It’s so cute! I can’t believe that Mr. [Teacher] did that.”

Me: “Hey! I wanted a dinosaur, too!”

(The teacher now doodles on any homework with full credit. The class compares doodles all the time. Ah, I love my teacher.)

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