My Dad Is The Death Of Me

| Related | January 27, 2015

(I have gotten a pretty nasty cut to my head. I have my dad put me in my car and drive me to the hospital. I was supposed to see my grandmother for dinner that evening but due to being in the hospital I am unable to do so. She phones to find out where I am. As I’m going in to have a CT scan I have to reject the call. I ask my dad to call her and explain what’s going on. My dad is unfortunately not very good at explaining things without causing alarm.)

Dad: “Hello, [Grandmother]. I don’t want you to worry but [My Name] has had an accident and is currently in hospital and unable to speak. I will call you back later and explain fully.”

Me: “You do realise she now thinks I’m dead, right?”

Dad: “Ah… good point. I’ll call her again.”

(He ran out to the car park to call her back and explained that I was, in fact, alive and quite well; I just couldn’t speak because I was talking to the doctor about my scan. I was fine and made a full recovery. I later found out that by the time my dad had called her back, my grandmother was already packing a bag and calling for a taxi to come and take her to the hospital. Thankfully we were able to talk her down and I went to see her later in the evening.)

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