My Business Here Is Done

, , , | Working | February 18, 2020

(I own a little company in Canada and am contacted by an American to make an extension of my business in their country. Everything looks all right, and I get invited to their company to meet them, see who they are, etc., and hopefully finalise the deal. I’m a female in my thirties. I travel to visit them, and being a little early, I announce myself to the reception and wait. I decide to keep standing as I sat the whole trip. That’s when a man comes around and sits himself in the waiting area, addressing me awfully condescendingly.)

Man: “Hey, honey, hand me that game book.”

(It’s literally in front of him, but whatever, I pass it silently thinking it’ll be over.)

Man: “Oh, honey, you need to give me a pen with that, too. How else I’m I going to do them, hmm? Come on, honey. Give me that pen now.”

(I’m totally disgusted now, and I have had enough.)

Me: “Excuse me. Are we married?”

Man: *confused* “No, of course not.”

Me: “Do you think I’m a child?”

Man: “No.”

Me: “Did we milk cows together? Axe some logs of in the woods? Or ever even meet before?”

Man: “What? No.”

Me: “That’s right. So, why do you baby-talk and ‘honey’ me? Or order me around? Find your own pen.”

Man: “How dare you?! I’ve never been so disrespected in my life! Don’t you know who I am? I’m the owner! That’s right; it’s all mine!”

Me: “Oh, really?”

(I start to walk off; no way I’m concluding any deal with such a person. With the kind of timing that only happens in the movies, someone comes over and asks:) 

Employee: “Where’s our guest [My Name]?” 

Me: *without turning back* “She’s going the h*** back home! Thanks, but no thanks. Was not nice meeting you.”

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