My Brother The Hero

| Learning | March 31, 2014

(I am 13, and being bullied badly at my all-girls school. We had just got a handsome new handyman at school and since we are in the middle of nowhere and deprived of men most of the day, almost everyone girl in the school is going ga-ga at him. One day I am being insulted as I walk down the corridor by one of the school’s worst bullies. The handyman turns the corner, sees me, and ignoring all these girls, gives me a huge hug. All the girls’ jaws just drop, especially the bully’s.)

Bully: *sneering* “How do you know him? Is he your boyfriend or something?”

Me: “No. Actually, he’s my brother.”

Brother: *grinning* “And I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment.”

(From that day on, none of the girls laid a finger on me, and I passed through the next three years unscathed. We never told them that my brother was gay.)

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