My Boss Is Just (Ministry Of) Magic

| Working | September 29, 2014

(My boss is a very stylish dresser. On this day, we have a fire alarm that’s not just a drill. We’re all standing outside and talking while we wait for the firemen to check everything out.)

Me: “[Boss,] I like your dress.”

(It’s a mint-green dress with musical instruments all over it.)

Boss: “Thanks! It’s my Ms. Frizzle costume!”

Me: “I have one, too! Except mine is covered in planets and stars!”

Boss: “Oh, you should wear that for Halloween!”

Me: “Actually, I’m going to be Professor Umbridge for Halloween this year. I have a wand and enjoy looking evil.”

Boss: “That is so great!”

(A few days later, we have meeting.)

Boss: “I promised I’d do something special this time and so…”

(She pulls out a recorder and proceeds to play ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Harry Potter.’ I love my boss.)

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