My Bloody Valentine, Part 2

| Romantic | February 22, 2013

(I am pretty squeamish about movie gore and really have to be in the right mood to watch anything, even if it’s a favourite.)

Boyfriend: “Hey, babe. Want to watch a movie with me?”

(He names a crime thriller I haven’t seen before.)

Me: “Yeah, I could watch that. But only if it’s not too scary.”

(Half an hour into the movie, a character is having a violent fight with his girlfriend through a door only to have his side end abruptly. Clearly, the killer has gotten to him.)

Me: *through half-closed eyes* “Oooh, she shouldn’t open the door, she shouldn’t open the door, she shouldn’t open the door!”

Boyfriend: “No, no! It’s okay! He went away to get her flowers!”

(The girlfriend character opens the door to a scene of messy horror.)

Me: “You said he got her flowers!”

Boyfriend: “Blood flowers!”


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