My Being Nice Has Expired

, , , | Right | May 27, 2020

I am working in the organic food section of the market, and there is this customer who is going through the specialty peanut butter while muttering to himself.

Me: “Can I help you with anything, sir?”

Customer: “Do you have any expired peanut butter in the back? There’s none on the shelf.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “You never have any expired food on the shelves here! I want to buy expired peanut butter!”

Me: “Sir, it’s against the law for us to sell expired products.”

Customer: “I don’t care if it’s illegal! Get the manager for me!”

I track down the acting store manager and the customer seems to recognize him.

Customer: *To me* “He won’t help me.”

Manager: “Can I help you?”

Customer: “You don’t have any expired peanut butter! You never have expired peanut butter!”

Manager: “We aren’t allowed to sell expired food.”

Customer: “I’ve already called your corporate office about this! You should let customers buy what they want!”

Manager: “If you weren’t asking for something that would cause us to break a law, then we would sell you what you want. But store policy and federal law prohibit us from selling expired products.”

The customer goes back to rummaging through the peanut butter for a minute.

Customer: “Does this stuff sell well?”

Manager: “Yes, it sells moderately well.”

Customer: “Who buys it?”

Manager: “Local college students.”

Customer: “That’s bulls***! College students can’t afford to pay ten dollars for peanut butter!”

Me: “Sir, I’m a college student, and I can afford to spend almost six dollars a day on coffee.”

Customer: “That’s bulls***! You probably don’t make enough here to do that!”

Manager: “Sir, unless you’re going to buy something that hasn’t expired, I suggest you leave. I will not sell you expired product, and I will not allow you to speak to my employees like that.”

Customer: “I’m gonna report you to your corporate office for denying a customer’s request!”

Manager: “You do that.”

Apparently, that wasn’t the first time he had come into the store looking for expired food.

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