My Advice To Fix It Is Solid

, , , | Right | October 3, 2018

(I manage a smoke shop in a small town. We sell glass pipes and other smoking tools. I sell a water-pipe to a younger guy and he comes back in a few days later with some friends. He basically wants me to figure out why the water-pipe isn’t working, but he didn’t bring it with him. Usually, I have to see something to fix it, and it’s almost always a simple fix. This is an extremely easy fix.)

Customer: “My water-pipe won’t let me pull any air through.”

Me: “It might have a clog; did you do anything to it?”

Customer: “I haven’t used it yet. I took it home, put water in it, and stuck it in my freezer.”

(His friends start laughing. I stop him and explain what happens to water when you freeze it. He doesn’t get it at first until I say:)

Me: “It was a liquid; now it’s a solid.”

(His friends knew the whole time and they still let him come in to get my “professional” opinion. He was actually lucky his brand new water-pipe didn’t crack.)

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