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Must Work For The Umbrella Corporation

| Friendly | November 13, 2016

(My two friends and I are at a Renaissance fair and it’s raining. At the beginning of the day, one of them gives me a very large umbrella, big enough to fit three people under, to borrow for the duration. Around lunch, I decide I want a pulled turkey sandwich and my other friend and I go to purchase the food, taking the umbrella with us. There’s a group of four standing by the counter, staring at us as I order my sandwich, but I don’t think much of it. Immediately after ordering the food, one of the men darts over and starts to TAKE THE UMBRELLA OUT OF MY HANDS.)

Man: “Can I borrow this? You’re under the overhang so you don’t need it.”

Me: *caught off guard and a bit freaked out* “Uh, I’m sorry?!”

(I try to back away, but he continues to hold onto the umbrella.)

Man: *aggressively* “Come on, we’ll be standing right there!” *he gestures towards his group while maintaining a grip on the umbrella*

Me: *finally managing to pull the umbrella away and take a step back* “I’m sorry, this umbrella’s not mine; it’s a friend’s…”

(My friend and I left the safety of the overhang and stood out in the rain to get away from the man and his group, who glared at us until my sandwich was ready and we could leave. Dude, maybe next time you should ASK before you try to borrow something from a complete stranger?)

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