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Must Have Been Really Important Bagels

, , , | Right | September 6, 2019

(I’ve just quit my job as a waitress at [Pancake Restaurant] where I worked for more than five years, and I have taken a new job at a New York-originated [Bagel Store]. This is the first holiday I’ve worked for them, Mother’s Day, and by 11:00 am we’ve completely run out of bagels, and the singular oven we have isn’t known for its speed. Between offering any pre-made items left, like fruit cups, I’ve also been put in charge of informing the line that any new bagels will take a minimum of 45 minutes. Some buy pre-made things and others leave, but generally, everyone is understanding or just accepting… except for one gentleman.)

Customer: *stands behind the leaving crowd as he eyes all our empty bagel trays* “Are you kidding me right now?!” *waves arms in the air and almost knocks two people in the face* “How could a bagel store be out of bagels?!”

Me: “I apologize, sir; it seems that even the company hasn’t anticipated the volume of people that would come in today! Can I offer you another item, like a pastry or maybe a muffin? Since we know it’s an inconvenience, if you’d like to wait, we don’t mind giving out a small coffee, as well — no charge!”

Customer: “I just don’t understand!” *gets louder as I have to explain to new customers that we’re practically out* “I thought I walked into [Bagel Store]! How do you not have anything?!

Me: “I guess instead of [Bagel Store] we’ll be [Store’s Name but with pastries instead of bagels]!” *a few customers nearby chuckle at my remark so I laugh lightly with them*

Customer: “I could go to [Supermarket] and get a bag of bagels and know I’ll be getting them!”

Coworker: *a sandwich maker who’s been helping teach me* “I wouldn’t be surprised, sir; they make theirs by quantity and we’re quality! You’re more than welcome to bring us those bagels and we can make you something with those, instead!”

Customer: *begins to storm towards the door, then suddenly spins around to yell more as he blocks several people from coming in and out* “I’m insulted and I’m calling the [Health Department for our city] on you!” *leaves while talking loudly to himself*

Coworker: “Okay, bro!”

Me: *laughs at coworker* “I don’t remember the health department coming when [Pancake Restaurant] ran out of crepes.”

Coworker: *rolls his eyes jokingly* “Quick, let’s call them on ourselves so we don’t have to make more bagels!”

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