They Must Have Grown Up On A Non-Dairy Farm

, , , , | Working | February 13, 2018

(I am at the drive-thru of a restaurant known for cheap Tex Mex food. I think it will be easy to just have them “hold the dairy” on a few tacos, as I’m lactose intolerant.)

Me: “I’ll have a #4, please.”

Worker: “That’s a #4. What to drink?”

Me: “Can I have [Soda]? And can you hold the dairy on the items, please? I can’t do dairy.”

Worker: “So… no tomatoes?”

Me: *internal sigh* “No. Tomatoes are fine. No cheese or sour cream. I can’t do anything with milk in it. No dairy. I’m lactose intolerant.”

(After a few moments of silence:)

Worker: “Let me get my manager.”

(The worker then asked their manager, with their headset still on so I could hear, if tomatoes and lettuce were dairy products. The manager had to explain to the worker what constituted “dairy.” The manager was actually really great, hopping on to talk to me, suggesting that ordering options “al fresco” would be the best option for me in the future, because they were automatically-dairy free AND had added pico instead, meaning I’d be getting a better option for my meal rather than just removing a ton of the items. But I’m still unsure how an adult had no idea what “dairy” meant.)

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