Must Be Someone Of Note

, | Working | March 1, 2014

(Recently, I’ve cut my hours due to my grades slipping in school. On one of the nights I used to work I stay home to study for an exam while my parents and brother went to get dinner at my workplace. My mom is trying to divide their order to use multiple coupons while my trainer is watching.)

Trainer: “Hun, you don’t need to do multiple orders. I can take all those coupons for you in one.”

Mom: “Oh, thank you!”

Trainer: *after taking my family’s order* “How’s [My Name] doing? I miss seeing her around.”

Mom: “She’s been hard at work. She misses coming here.”

Coworker: *grabs a 12 lb. bag and a marker and starts writing on the bag*

Trainer: “We all miss her. Hopefully she’ll do better.”

Dad: “We hope the same.”

Coworker: “[Trainer]? Can you come here?”

(My family didn’t know it until they received their order, but my coworker and my trainer wrote a note for me on the bag. I still keep the bag with their notes.)

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