Must Be High On Mooncake

, , , | Right | August 21, 2018

(I work in a popular chain coffee shop, and it is getting late. The phone rings, and I answer it.)

Me: “[Coffee Shop]. This is [My Name], how may I help you?”

Customer: “Hi. I’m driving this truck, and I’m trying to find you, but I’m having trouble. Are you inside [Bookstore]?”

Me: “No, sir. We’re a standalone store. If you’re driving by [Bookstore], we’re on the opposite end of that same shopping center.”

Customer: “Okay, I’m headed that wa—” *he suddenly sounds very animated and starts shouting excitedly* “HOLY S***, LOOK AT THE MOON!”

Me: “The… moon, sir?”

Customer: “It’s so big! It’s beautiful! Holy s***!” *after a moment he regains his composure* “So, you’re over here by [Electronics Store]?”

Me: “Uh, yes, sir. Just keep driving and you’ll see our logo.”

Customer: *very excited again* “Oh, yeah! I see that b****! I’ll be in in a second!”

Me: *can’t help but chuckle* “Okay, sir. See you soon.”

(I hung up, and moments later he came in, just delighted to be there.)

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