Must Be A Gryffindor

, | Hopeless | November 17, 2016

(I’m in my 30s. At a certain theme park you can buy wands that interact with the park. I did notice that at the older part of the park it was harder to get the sensors to work. I made one thing work and a little girl, maybe eight, came up next to me and looked very upset that her movements weren’t making the thing go off.)

Girl: “My wand won’t work. I’m not magic.”

Me: “What?! Yes, you are I can tell! One second. You have to wait for it. Here, stand right here. Make sure you are doing exactly what is on the medal under your feet.” *watching for the red lights in the sensors to come back on* “Okay, now!”

(She tried a few times and it didn’t work. My mom went up to her to try and help her with her wand work. She was getting frustrated and drawing a crowd that was cheering her on. Finally it registered the movements and everyone clapped.)

Me: “See! I knew you could do it!”

My Mom: “You’ll be getting an owl with a letter any day now!”

(Her dad comes up behind me and quietly speaks to us.)

Her Dad: “You guys are awesome! Thank you!”

(The girl ran up to her dad asking if he saw what she did with the biggest smile on her face. There is a little witch in all of us.)

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