Musicery Loves Company

| Bethany Beach, DE, USA | Right | July 18, 2012

(I’m 17, and am working in a toy shop on the boardwalk. We play tropical and beach-themed music on speakers in the store promoting CDs we sell. This happens after I have already been working six hours listening to the same CD on repeat.)

Customer #1: “Oh cool! Are those steel drums in the song?”

Me: “Yes, they are. I like them too.”

Customer #1: “Do you sell this CD, or are you just playing it?”

Me: “We actually do sell it, as well as a few others. They’re on the counter next to the cash register if you’re interested.”

Customer #1: “Thanks!”

(The customer goes over to browse. In a few minutes, a sudden thunderstorm breaks, and the rain is so hard that none of the customers will leave the shop. Everyone, including the customer, has huddled near the door to watch the storm.)

Customer #1: “Geez, when do you think this rain is going to stop?”

Me: “I don’t know. These storms happen sometimes near the ocean, but they usually pass pretty quickly.”

(Two minutes pass in relative silence. The music is still playing.)

Customer #1: “Does this music play everyday?”

Me: “Yes, usually, unless another CD is used.”

Customer #1: “All day?”

Me: “Yep, it’s been playing since I came in this morning.”

Customer #1: *without warning* “IF THIS MUSIC DOES NOT STOP PLAYING, I WILL KILL MYSELF!!”

Me: *speechless*

Customer #1: “AAARGH!”

(Customer #1 runs out of the shop and down the boardwalk in the torrential rain, while the remaining customers and I stare at him.)

Customer #2: “I bet you feel like that about the music too.”

Me: *sighs* “Yep, pretty much…”

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