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Music To Your Fears

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(I work in an assisted living facility. My boss has me playing Christmas music from the computer in the front lobby. It’s been going on since before Thanksgiving. One of my Muslim coworkers comes up and we’re talking and she starts singing along. It should be noted that she wears hijab. A white, male visitor has just signed in and is walking off for his visit with his relative.)

Coworker: “I love Christmas music!”

Me: “You seem to know all the words, too.”

Visitor: *cuts me off* “You can’t!”

Me: “What?”

Visitor: “Her! She can’t like Christmas music! She’s one a them d***…” *makes flailing hand movements towards her*

Coworker: *just standing there, looking shocked*

Me: *eyes narrowed, customer service smile gone* “Sir, she can like whatever music she pleases. It’s a free country. I don’t appreciate your tone.”

Visitor: “You’re supporting a d*** [racial slur]?!”

Me: “I’m supporting my friend. Sir. I’m going to have to ask you to continue on your way or leave.”

Visitor: *starting to puff up for another rant*

Me: *cutting him off* “Nope. [Resident]’s room is that way. Have a nice visit.” *gives a very non-customer-service look*

Visitor: *stares for a second and then stomps off, muttering under his breath*

Me: “I’m sorry about people like that, [Coworker]. Guy obviously had a candy cane up his a**.”

Coworker: *shakes head*

(I got up and gave my coworker a hug. She was kind of shook by the whole thing. I can’t imagine what was wrong with this man. Maybe he really did have a candy cane up his a**… or maybe he needed one. I will never understand what is wrong with people.)

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