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Music To My Wax-Clogged Ears

, , , , | Right | November 12, 2009

Me: “Good afternoon, [Music Store].”

Caller: “Hi, I’m looking for sheet music to a song called ‘Beautiful Star of Bethlehem’.”

Me: “I don’t think we have it in stock, but we might be able to order it for you. ”

Caller: “Can you deliver it to me?”

Me: “Sorry, we don’t offer that service. How about I give you a website to go to? You can probably order it from them and have it shipped to your home?”

Caller: “Okay, what’s the website?”

Me: “Sheetmusicplus.com.”

Caller: “Sheetmusic.com?”

Me: “No, Sheetmusicplus.com.”

Caller: “Oh, Sheetmusic.com?”

Me: “No, SheetmusicPLUS.com.”

Caller: “Oh, okay. Sheetmusic.com.”

Me: “No. SheetmusicPLUS.com.”

Caller: “How do you spell that?”

Me: *I spell it out*

Caller: “P-O-U-S?”

Me: “No, P-L-U-S.”

Caller: “Oh, P-O-U-S?”

Me: “No, P-L-U-S.”

Caller: “Okay, P-O-U-S.”

Me: “No. L as in Larry.”

Caller: “Okay, P-O-U-S.”

Me: “No, P-L-U-S.”

Caller: “How do you spell ‘com’?”

Me: “C-O-M.”

Caller: “C-L-N?”

Me: “No, C-O-M.”

Caller: “Okay, Sheetmusic.com. Thank you very much! Goodbye!” *hangs up*

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