Music Hits A Sour Note

| Related | October 4, 2013

(My dogs make messes, so I keep my door closed. I am also wearing headphones just out of courtesy. Because my mom is too lazy to walk up the stairs, she just stands at the bottom of the stairs and shouts for ten minutes. Finally she gives up and walks in.)

Mom: “I have had it with you. You keep the door closed and your headphones on! You have speakers! Use those! Keep the door open!”

(Not ten minutes after I do what mom says, the dog gets in and knocks the trashcan over.)

Me: “Mom, this is why I keep the door closed! The dogs knocked over the trash!”

Mom: “Well it’s your fault. You left the door open.”

(Because I had left music on, dad walks in before I can respond.)

Dad: “I can hear your music from the hallway! Why aren’t you using your headphones?”

(I try VERY hard not to scream.)

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