Music Depreciation Class

| Learning | September 1, 2015

(One of the requirements for my Bachelor’s degree is that I take a course in music appreciation. The gentleman teaching the course is covering the famous composers and gets to Mozart.)

Teacher: “Mozart was born in Vienna, Austria.”

(Several of my classmates, veterans like myself, give each other incredulous looks.)

Me: “Sir, Mozart was not born in Vienna. He was born in Salzburg.”

Teacher: “Just how the h*** do you know that? Do you know more than your professor?”

Me: “Considering, sir, that in 1978, I stood in a street in Salzburg, looking at a sign on a house which read Mozart’s Geburtzhaus, then, yes, I know where Mozart was born.”

Teacher: “And just what does that phrase mean?”

Me: “It means Mozart’s birth house or house where he was born.”

(The professor did not speak to any of the veterans in the class for the rest of the semester.)

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