Murdering Your Chances To Be Rehired

, , , , | Working | January 31, 2018

(At my workplace, we have what’s called “murder week,” where new starters are put at the front of the shop. They have to deal with phone calls, unruly customers, and all manner of requests. While not the most pleasant, it gets you up to speed very fast, and helps management decide whether you’re capable of handling more responsibility. Yesterday I left while a new starter was put on the front for the first time. I see him again today when I start.)

Me: “Hey, how was your first shift?”

Starter: “Awful! How do you put up with it?”

Me: “You just get used to it. After this week you’ll only go on it like once a month.”

Starter: “Once a month?!” *phone starts ringing* “That’s one too many. I had this b**** ask me yesterday to tell her where the yeast products are. She literally walked by them to get to me!” *still ringing* “Then, I had this kid who kept trying to punch my leg because his dad had a prosthetic. He dad was there the whole time and didn’t say anything! I checked this morning. I had a bruise!” *finally answers* “WHAT?!” *pause* “WHO ELSE DO YOU THINK IT IS?” *pause* “ARE YOU TRYING TO BE DUMB?! I WOULDN’T HAVE ANSWERED THE PHONE IF WE WEREN’T OPEN!” *throws the phone down and starts panting*

Me: “Maybe I’ll have a chat with [Manager]. You don’t seem to be taking it too well.”

(He glares at me but says nothing else. As I walk away I hear the phone ring again.)

Starter: “WHAT?!” *pause* “NO, YOU CAN’T SPEAK TO A MANAGER, B****! STOP PHONING!”

(I spoke to the manager once I was in the back, and he decided to give the starter one more day to see if he calmed down. He didn’t, and he no longer works with us. As much as I appreciate what the murder week is there to do, it isn’t for everyone, and I think you probably have to be more sensitive with some people than the manager was.)

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