Murder Is Child’s Play

, , , , | Right | August 31, 2018

(I work the front desk at a hotel. We are very busy this morning for breakfast and have many people coming in and out of the lobby. We have a bell connected to the doors, so every time the doors open, the bell rings to alert us that someone is coming in. The following is an interaction with a guest:)

Guest: “What is making that god-awful bell go off over and over?!”

Me: “Oh, it’s from the automatic door opening and closing.”

Guest: “I would have stabbed the thing by now!”

Me: “Oh, that’s nothing compared to when children start running back and forth in front of the doors, thinking it’s fun to make the doors open and close.”

Guest: “Well, I think it’s fun to run children over with my car when they are being little f***tards, but that doesn’t make it okay!” *walks away*

Me: “…”

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