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Multi-Level Mother-In-Law

, , , , | Related | November 20, 2021

My mother-in-law called me while I was at work, knowing full well where I was and that I couldn’t answer. When I let it go to voicemail, she called three more times in a row and then texted me. 

Mother-In-Law: “What is your boss’s number?”

I didn’t answer because I was working, so she called again. I stepped outside, telling my boss I had to take a personal call and I would be right back.

Mother-In-Law: “Finally!”

Me: “Is everything okay?”

Mother-In-Law: “I just need your boss’s number.”

Me: “Why?”

Mother-In-Law: “Don’t worry about it. Just tell me.”

Me: “I have to work. If you can’t give me a legitimate reason, I’m hanging up.”

Mother-In-Law: “It’s none of your business. Just—”

I hung up. She called back immediately. This time I rejected her call, as well as the four directly after. About an hour later, my boss came to my desk.

Boss: *Confused* “Hey, [My Name], do you know someone by the name of [Mother-In-Law]?”

Me: “Yes.”

Boss: “Well, she just called me about this company she runs. It’s like, you buy stuff every month, and she wanted to set up a meeting later. It sounds like a scam.”

Me: “Oh, my God. She tried to get you to join [Multi-Level Marketing Company]. I’m so sorry. She asked for your number earlier—”

Boss: “And you gave it to her?!”

Me: “No! She wouldn’t tell me why she wanted it so I hung up on her. I’m so sorry.”

Boss: “Well, she might not be very happy with you next time you talk.”

Me: “Ah, she’s rarely happy with me.”

Boss: “I told her to f*** off with her pyramid bulls*** and stop wasting my time.”

Me: *Laughing* “Absolutely worth her being mad. I’m so sorry.”

Boss: “It’s okay. No worries.”

That night when I got home, I had a long ranting email from my mother-in-law, accusing me of sabotaging her “career” and taking food from her mouth by not allowing her business to prosper. I saved it for future laughs.

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