Muffled Screams

| Related | August 22, 2016

(Dad and I are loading the generator after several hours of dirt-track racing. It should be noted that after running for several hours, the engine and exhaust on it are very hot. Dad is at one end and I am at the other as we pick it up into the side door of our trailer.)

Dad: “Ready?”

Me: “Heave, you ho!”

(We pick it up and I feel a sudden burn in my gut and scream.)

Dad: “What’s wrong?”

Me: *laughing* “I found the muffler!”

(At this point we have to stop loading for a few minutes while we laughed our a**es off. I am left with a nice burn blister about three inches long on my belly. I tell my brother in text on the way home from the track.)

Brother: *text* “Well, at least you can tell everyone you had a hot date tonight!”

Me: *groans*

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