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Mr. Grumpy Drives To Town

, , , | Right | August 14, 2021

Our city is having a huge event and so every car-rental agency is having long check-in lines. I hear a commotion at the company next to us; a gentleman comes over to us and I get him.

Customer: *Ranting and raving.* “Next door doesn’t have my minivan that I booked!”

Me: “We actually had a handful.”

Customer: “How much?!”

Me: “It’s [rate].”

Customer: *Ranting and angry.* “That’s higher than my booking! That’s an expensive rate! Why can’t you match my booking rate next door! It’s so stupid that–”

Me: *Interrupted his tirade.* “Sir, if Mr. Grumpy doesn’t become Mr. Happy right now, Mr. Grumpy isn’t gonna get a van from us today either!”

He stops, looks at me, looks next door, then apologizes for his rant and his tone remains calm for the transaction. He apologizes again and again for his attitude.

I told him to book with us in the future!

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