Mr. Bojangles Novo Is Our New Hero

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I’m the wine department lead for a mid-sized store that’s part of a huge family-owned liquor chain in Texas. I’ve only been at this store for maybe six months, but I’ve been with the company for nearly seven years, and not only am I the only employee in the wine department, but I’m the only one of the fourteen of us in store, including managers, that knows anything about wine.

I should also note that I look about nineteen, even though I’m in my late twenties and have been working for the company since I turned twenty-one.

During my time with the company, I’ve heard people butcher the names of wines in all sorts of ways. I’ve had people ask for “peanut gringos” (Pinot grigios), “crabernets” (cabernets), and many more. This one takes the cake, though. It’s about a week before Christmas. The week before Thanksgiving, we got a wine in that we get once a year; it’s a hot ticket item for this time of year. The wine is traditionally, at least in the US, drunk with Thanksgiving dinner.

Customer: “Hi! I’m looking for a bottle of Bojangles Novo.”

I have no idea what the customer is talking about, but it could be a brand I’ve never heard of.

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, I don’t think I’ve heard of that before. Could you tell me what kind of wine it is, so I can look it up in our system?”

Customer: *Quickly becoming irate* “Are you stupid or something?! I’m looking for Bojangles Novo! That wine that comes out once a year?! The one that is supposed to be made from the first crop of wine grown this year?! God! I thought [Company] hired people that knew what they were talking about! They’re going to end up getting shut down by [Nationwide Competitor] at this rate!”

Me: *Quickly realizing* “Sir, do you mean Beaujolais Nouveau?” *bee-zhu-lay new-vo*

Customer: “No! It’s Bojangles, and it’s only released the week before Thanksgiving!”

I give up and shows the customer the two bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau I have left

Customer: “Yes, that’s it! You really need to have one of the more senior employees teach you about wine if you’re going to be stocking the department.”

Me: *Internal screaming*

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