Movie For Seven For A Family Of One

, , | Right | December 2, 2019

(I work at our local cinema. It is Sunday. I wait at the register for the first customer to come for the 3:00 pm show. The movie theater is small, so I am the only one in charge today. An old, wealthy-looking couple enters.)

Old Lady: “Hello, we just wanted to renew our yearly membership card; the last one may have expired.”

(She hands me a five- or six-year-old crumbling card.)

Me: “Yes, indeed. So, to renew your card, it will cost you €15 and if you present it here, you will get a discount of €2 on every movie ticket until the end of the year.”

Old Lady: “Oh, that’s expensive! But I will do it anyway. We plan to watch the latest Pixar movie with my daughter, her husband, their children, and their cousin. They do not come to visit often, you know.”

Me: “Excuse me. I just wanted you to know your membership car is personal and does only cover your own tickets.”

Old Man: *waking up from his catatonic state* “What?! This is unacceptable! They are part of the family!”

Old Lady: *to her husband* “Calm down, honey.” *to me* “Young man, this is impossible. We came a couple of months ago and the membership covered my ticket, my husband’s, and Cousin [Cousin]’s.”

Old Man: “This hooligan just wants my hard-earned money!”

Me: “Listen, ma’am, sir, as I said before, the card is personal and there is no way you could have gotten a discount for three people with one expired card.”

Old Lady: “But… They are part of the family…”

(The stubborn couple then took their old membership card from the counter and left, arguing about “respect for the elderly.” The sad part is, they actually returned with their relatives and stayed at the entrance. They sent a ten-year-old boy to buy seven “member discount tickets” with the same old expired card. I told him I could not make any discount with this card. He went back to the entrance and told his grandparents. They all just turned around and left. The poor boy seemed disappointed.)

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