Mouse To Mouse Resuscitation

| WY, USA | Right | December 28, 2010

(An irate customer comes flying through the door and slams a soaking wet, dead hamster on the counter. I recognize her as a woman I had sold a hamster to an hour ago.)

Me: “Oh my goodness what happened?!”

Customer: “I took this hamster home and he didn’t even live 10 minutes!”

Me: “Why is he all wet?”

Customer: “From being in the aquarium! He swam for awhile, but then he just dropped dead!

Me: “I’m sorry, are you telling me you put him in an aquarium full of water?”

Customer: “You told me hamsters can live in aquariums! You said I didn’t need to buy a cage specifically for hamsters!”

Me: “Hamsters can live in an aquarium, but not in water! When you were picking him out didn’t you notice the others are in empty aquariums with bedding?”

Customer: “You told me he could live in an aquarium! I demand a new hamster! One that is alive!”

Me: “I really don’t think any of our animals are going to work out for you.”

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  • Kalu-chan

    Can it please become policy that people buying animals (or adopting them from a shelter) need to pass a test? Or at least answer a few questions about them? Please?

    The questions don’t even need to be too difficult. For rodents etc, provide a picture of your cage, be able to answer two or three questions about what food they need, and maybe one or two about behavior. Stuff like that. So we don’t get single bunnies, mice, rats, etc., or people trying to put a new mouse into an existing group without knowing what they’re doing (For many rodents, it takes a while to get a group to accept a new member. If you just put them in, there’s a big chance you’ll end up with a dead rodent and probably at least one of your original group hurt.), stuff like that.

  • heatherjasper

    I feel so sorry for the hamster. Poor little guy…