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Mournful Yawnful

, , , | Friendly | May 13, 2016

(I am both a student teacher and a part-time private school teacher, so my days are pretty packed. I learn that in order to obtain my credential, I need to renew my CPR certification. I have been up since seven in the morning, worked until five thirty, and am now sitting in a CPR class that’s scheduled to end at ten o’clock at night, so I am very tired, and that, coupled with chronic sinus congestion, causes me to yawn admittedly quite a bit during instructions. However, I am still able to concentrate and follow directions, and no one seems to be bothered by it. I am sitting toward the back with one another person, who decides to speak to me while the final CPR exam is passed out.)

CPR Classmate: “Hey. You yawned seventy-three times.”

Me: “…”

CPR Classmate: “Seventy-three times.”

Me: “…”

CPR Classmate: “Seriously. I counted.”

(I know she’s exaggerating, but I can feel my face flush as I try to ignore her and focus on my exam. She seems to notice my change in mood.)

CPR Classmate: “I’m kidding!”

Me: “Okay, then…”

(Have to give her credit – her unwarranted and unnecessary ‘joke’ embarrassed me so much that I stifled every other yawn I had until we were dismissed!)

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