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It was a very busy day at work in the smoke shop. Our work area had only three registers as it was a rather small store, but we were very popular as the cheapest place to buy cigarettes. The two registers up front each had lines that filled the entire store and went out the doorway. I was in the drive-thru with a line of cars wrapped around the building and around the small side street next to the store.

My mom came in, but when she saw my line was actually moving faster, she left the store to come through the drive-thru. I saw her truck in line around the building and didn’t think anything of it, just warned my supervisor she’d be needed to run my register in a moment for when my mom got to the head of the line.

The car I then waited on drove off, but the car behind them did not immediately pull up. I went to quickly help someone in line in the store when I heard the sound of a car crash. I told one of the girls up front to call security and ran to the window to see what had happened.

The car was only now pulling up. A car coming in off the street decided to try and cut my mother off in line, so when he saw the car starting to move, he slammed on the gas, but misjudged and slammed into my mom’s truck. Insurance was exchanged and all of that. I later found out from my mom that he hit her so hard, it dented the truck frame just a bit.

One week later, I was back in the drive-thru when I recognized the truck that hit my mom. It came up, and it was the same driver. As he was pulling up, his window was already rolled down and I heard him talking to his passenger.

“She’s just some f****** old b****. I’m not f****** worried about some dumb c***; she’s just doing it for the f****** attention.”

I leaned forward with a smile on my face and said, “Hi there! You’re talking about that lady you hit in my window last week, aren’t you?”

He turned to me and scoffed, asking why I cared.

My grin just got bigger and I said, “That’s my mother you’re talking about. I’d appreciate it if you got the f***out of my line now, thank you.”

He went pale and sped out of there so fast he nearly hit another car. I went to tell my manager what I’d done and asked when I should sign the writeup. The manager just said, “He shouldn’t have been talking about your mother like that,” and walked off.

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