On Mother’s Day You Have To Be A Mother

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(It’s Mother’s Day. After opening all the cards and gifts from my kids and husband, I tell him I want to go out by myself in the afternoon.)

Husband: “Sure! You can go anytime… Just let me know when you’re leaving. I’ll watch the kids.”

Me: “Okay… thanks.”

(Then I realize I need to finish looking up some information on the Internet for my dad, which takes me at least an hour. When I’m finally done, I call out to my husband.)

Me: “Okay, I’m heading out now.”

(No response from him.)

Me: “[Husband]? I’m going now…” *still no response*

(I then head toward our TV room, to discover the kids watching TV and playing on the iPad, and my husband IN DEEP SLEEP in the recliner! I could have simply gone out anyway… but then, right at that moment, both kids needed some adult assistance. Guess who didn’t wake up… and guess who gave up her “me time” afternoon?  On the plus side: My husband took me, and the kids, out to a favorite Italian restaurant for dinner that evening.)

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