Mother’s Day Is Fried

, , | Hopeless | June 9, 2016

(It’s Mother’s Day, and I’m having a tough one. My husband is in the Army National Guard and has drills that weekend, coming home at six pm. We decide that we’re going to go out to eat so I don’t have to cook or clean up afterwards for our family of six. We end up driving about 45 minutes to a buffet style restaurant, but our eight-year-old son has a panic attack and is so upset that he starts to vomit. We leave and end up getting fast food for the kids with a plan to eat after the kids are in bed. It’s now 11 pm.)

Me: “I don’t know what I want to eat anymore… I was really looking forward to the buffet!”

Husband: “Well, do you want [Local Bar] food?”

Me: “No… Actually, I think I want [Chain Sit-down Restaurant]. They close soon, but they also have an app, so I’ll have the food ready and paid for when you get there!”

(My husband leaves and I place the order. I find a coupon code, but it gives me trouble, so my husband is nearly there when I finish placing the order. My husband calls me a few minutes later.)

Husband: “Hey, did you send the order?”

Me: “Yeah, it should be there now!”

Husband: “Huh. It’s not showing…” *pause* “Oh! It’s in now! Okay, I’ll be home soon.”

Me: “Okay, dear. I love you. Bye!”

(About 20 minutes pass, putting it close to midnight, when the restaurant closes. My husband calls again.)

Husband: “Babe, there’s a problem. The girl just came up to me and said the fryer exploded.”

Me: “So was anything of ours cooked? You got a burger, but literally everything else we got was fried!”

Husband: “Hold on.”

(I hear him ask if anything was fried before the fryer broke and the other person says no.)

Husband: “No, I’m so sorry. Nothing but my burger is cooked.”

Me: “Great. Now it’s officially not Mother’s Day anymore and I don’t even get to have a nice meal! The kids were little butts all day long because they missed you, you were released late, [Son] had an anxiety attack which I know he didn’t want to but it still happened, and now there’s no food!”

(I start crying uncontrollably. I’m still on the phone, so my husband is trying to reassure me. I then hear him pause and talk to someone else.)

Husband: “Okay, so the first guy was mistaken. The only thing that wasn’t made was one of the appetizers.”

Me: *instantly cheering up* “Awesome! So can you have the online bill adjusted?”

Husband: “Not a problem! Oh… no, I can’t. The girl here says she canceled the whole thing because of the inconvenience. She could hear you crying through the phone and felt really badly.” *pauses* “She says she has some roses left. Do you want one?”

Me: “Yeah…”

Husband: “Okay, I’ll bring you home one. Oh, the food is ready, so I’ll be home soon!”

(It was a delicious meal, even if it was nearly one am when my husband returned. I dried my rose, so I still have it.)

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