Mothers Are Always Questioning Change

, , , , | Right | January 27, 2020

(I’m working alone, as my coworker has just gone on lunch break. Two young boys, about seven or eight, approach the counter. One boy orders two milkshakes, one chocolate and one vanilla. I make their milkshakes, take his $20, and give a $10 note back. The boys hug and then split up. The one with the money goes and stands beside a woman sitting on a bench, looking at her phone. The woman takes the $10 and then starts talking to the boy. He points at me, and then they both start walking over.)

Mother: “Why did my son only get $10 back? I gave him $20! A milkshake does not cost $10! You are ripping off my child because you think he can’t count! I should report you to your corporate office! Who is your manager? I want to be served by someone who isn’t a thief!”

(The whole time, I am trying to explain, but I end up just letting her vent.)

Me: “I have been trying to explain, ma’am, that your son purchased two milkshakes — one for himself, and one for the other little boy over there”

(I point at the other boy, who is sitting by himself on a bench.)

Mother: “Well… well, you should have told me before! My son isn’t stupid, you know!”

Me: “I tried, ma’am. Did you ask your son why he only got $10 back?”

(The mother looked at her son and then grabbed him and walked off.)

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